Turning your movement into a lifetime of value

Unlock your physical potential

Who we are

Our mission

To maximize physical health of our members through customized movement prescription, education, support and accountability



What inspires us

Simply put, it is our members. At the heart of EnPhysion is the idea of helping people become their best selves. Physical Therapy and Training is a very physical experience- obviously. But, it leads to improved self-efficacy, self confidence, and positive thinking. This positive thinking is what drives us to self actualize and live the lives that make us feel the most fulfilled, happy, and generous. Join us as we set out on our journey to bring all of us to a place where we can be our best selves.

Enphysion training

(curated from a background of physical therapy)


90 minute evaluation: Assessment of functional movement, range of motion, muscle strength/endurance, tissue length, posture, and joint mobility.


Education about our findings


Personal goal setting and habit formation process


Customized program streamed to your EnPhysion Health app  


Follow up within 5 days to ensure your understanding of the program


Bi-weekly Sessions


Quarterly re-evaluation and check in/adaptation of goals

What we do

Evaluate. Educate.
Build Your Program.
Support You. Give Back.

At EnPhysion Health, we do more than just assign you exercise.



We design a daily movement habit that will facilitate mobility, strength, balance and vitality. We hold you accountable to performing it. Based on your participation in your program we invest money quarterly into the incredible Gorongosa Project.


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