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Keeping your body pain-free and strong can be challenging, but receiving the right guidance, expertise, and accountability doesn't need to be. Our model provides you with the correct movements, accessibility, and the value your body deserves—all starting for free. Begin your EnPhysion journey to feel less pain, gain more confidence, strength, flexibility, and energy.


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Full body evaluation

We complete a full body musculoskeletal evaluation looking at mobility, strength, balance, stiffness, hypermobility, and pain points.

Customized movement program design

Based on our findings, we build a tailored movement and exercise program to correct imbalances, reduce pain, improve resiliency, and achieve goals that are delivered to you in your first session.

Goal setting

Each client engages in a comprehensive  goal setting process to map out where they see themselves in the future.

Habit development & accountability

All clients build a daily movement habit and are held accountable through a method of their choosing, leading to lasting results.

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At Enphysion we're proud to offer training services that are not only effective but also remarkably affordable. Our secret? Harnessing the power of technology. By integrating our intuitive app into our services, we've redefined the training experience, making it more accessible and cost-effective than ever before.


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